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RIF Rules

  • You will have to chronograph all the rifs you will use throughout the day.

  • Our fps site limit for all weapons apart from DMR and Sniper rifles is 350fps on 0.20g 6mm BBs.

  • DMR and Sniper rifles are 400fps on 0.20g 6mm BBs. Snipers and DMRs minimum engagement distance is 30 metres with a maximum weight of .40g bbs.

  • You MUST use biodegradable BBs NOT Steel or Plastic.

If you are running hot (fps is higher than site regs) you will not be allowed to use that weapon on site.


Safety Rules

  • If you are under the age of 18 you must wear a full face mask at all times when in the play zone (minimum age requirement is 12 years old at our site).

  • Your eye pro/face pro must not come off in the play area. If for any reason you have a problem with your eye pro/ face pro please call for a marshal so we can stop the game and help with the issue safely.

  • We allow rubber knifes on site and they must be able to flex but they can not be plastic or any kind of solid knife.

  • Please always remove your magazine from your gun and clear your weapon before entering the safe zone. (a marshal will check before you enter)

  • Please do not load or dry fire your weapon in the safe zone.

  • Please do not climb any buildings, barriers or trees for your safety and the players around you.


HPA Rules

  • We are happy for HPA to be used on our site but tanks must be locked off and must NOT be tampered with during the day!

  • We understand you might want to change the tank i.e if your running low on pressure. Please speak to a marshal to have your gun re-chronographed.

  • HPA refills are available on site for £5 each fill, just speak to a marshal for a refill.


Site Rules

  • If you are using pyro please show a marshal to check it is safe to use on site.

  • We do not allow lasers on site.

  • When playing please be respectful to other players and be polite.

  • When you have been hit put your arm up in the air and shout HIT. Go to respawn and come back and keep playing. If you fail to call your hits you will be warned once but if you are warned twice you will be asked to leave the game. You will be able to rejoin the next game.

  • Violence and swearing is unnecessary and unacceptable and you will be asked to clam down or leave site.

  • When playing please be respectable when shooting people i.e DON'T overkill people on purpose.

  • All players must sign an insurance waiver before starting the day.

  • Please don't shoot our marshals for fun but we do understand that we will get shot on accident.

  • Be careful when running through the woodland as there will be trip hazards and please watch out for branches hanging low or logs/sticks on the ground.

  • You will not be allowed to play if you you are under the influence of drink or drugs! 

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